Sporting Smiles Can Improve Your Smile

Sporting Smiles teeth retainers come in multiple flavors. Each individual is different and some may work better than others. There are several different options when choosing a sporting smile prosthetic. Here are some of the options:

Sporting Smiles teeth retainers

– Dual layer: Dual layer sporting smile prosthetics are a great option for anyone that can not find a perfect match with one particular tooth prosthesis or many. They are made of the strongest, toughest material available. Our dual layer retainers are made of one layer of either 1mm polycarbonate or 10mm acrylic resins. They are clear and colored. The higher the layer the better we can ensure a good fit. This product is definitely for the upper and lower denture only.

– Cracked Retainer: These sporting smiles prosthetic are a little different. Since they are used on one side of the mouth rather than all at once we are able to get a much better fit with this option. Generally, your dentist will provide a cracked retainer after you have been fitted with a new custom impression. When choosing the prosthetic, consider the retainer size because the size will determine how often it will be needed.

– Custom Dental Impressions: The sporting smiles are fitted with custom dental impressions. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth and then create a custom dental prosthesis to fit your mouth. Some of the options include: single or double layer, color matched, custom color matched, stainless steel, gold, silver, titanium and even acrylic. Depending upon your dentist and the need that you have, they will help you determine the right dental prosthesis for you. This is also a great option if you or someone you care about needs a temporary replacement due to permanent tooth loss.

– Dental Switchgear: We’ve all seen the switch gears worn by doctors and dentists everywhere. These are basically worn on only one side to wear your teeth more naturally. The switch gears are connected to a small device which is worn in or behind the teeth. If you ever wondered how dentists open drawers and such, this is how they do it. If you wear a dental switchgear, the dentist will place their finger over the piece of metal and slowly slide it into your mouth so they can open your teeth.

If you or someone you care about needs a temporary substitution while you’re waiting for permanent tooth replacement to occur, dental retainers can make it much easier for them to maintain your smile. In most cases, your dentist will place them in at least 6 months prior to the replacement. This will help you avoid the embarrassment of realigning your teeth yourself. Sporting Smiles can be very helpful as well, because if you don’t wear the retainer when you go to a sporting event, people will notice that you’re not smiling the way you used to and this will cause an immediate shift in your appearance. When you go out to eat at a restaurant, smiling is much more important than smiling while wearing the retainer. That’s why sporting smiles are so important!

– Fixed Dental Splints: This is another type of dental retainer that works best for those who need a temporary substitution as well. For those who go to the dentist every six months to six years for a tooth replacement, many are now recommending that they wear a fixed dental splint for those months. During this time, they wear a retainer which is worn behind the teeth. People with sensitive teeth who tend to react negatively to hard materials or activities often wear these retainers as a protection from irritation and injury as well as to keep their teeth from shifting out of place.

Whether you need dental retainers because you have realignment problems, need a temporary substitution or simply because you need a protection from pain or irritation, there are dental retainers that may suit your needs perfectly. It’s important to talk to your dentist, because not all retainers will work well for you. Your dentist will make the correct assessment based on your overall health, lifestyle, the amount of damage you have inflicted on your teeth and the amount of sensitive tissue that surrounds them. From that assessment, the dentist can design the perfect solution that will give you the protection you need while at the same time making you confident and at ease while out in public.

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