Arts In Health - Toronto, Ontario, CanadaArts In Health works within hospitals and healthcare environments with hospital administrators and clinical staff to utilize and understand the value of the arts in enhancing well-being. Our area of expertise includes pediatrics, youth at risk, adult programs, creative aging, as well as art aid and field-work for crisis intervention.

What drives us is our belief that the arts can be a powerful tool in opening individual potential, developing and healing community and enhancing cultural literacy. Collaboration and participation is at the core of all consultation, with projects designed to actively engage all stake-holders. Arts In Health - Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWorking with professional artists we conduct arts programs that enrich the experience of the individual, family and community. In working with communities we can help to shift ways of knowing while within hospitals, curated temporary and permanent exhibitions enhance the environment, offering relief from the visual austerity of the clinical setting.

Arts and Health refers to work within the community as well. Dobbs has been conducting field research internationally unearthing models of best practice in this field.


Arts In Health

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